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Explore our selection of coffee products and discover a unique experience for your senses. From artisan blends to premium coffee machines, we are here to satisfy true coffee lovers’ desires.

Available in beans, espresso ground or moka.

Blend 250gr

Different blends with different percentages between Arabica and Robusta, so that you can choose between a strong/decisive and a soft/delicate coffee. For every person an ad hoc blend.

Single origin coffee

The world’s best coffees offered in single origins, in order to taste different flavors and aromas in their purest form, and to finally be able to choose your ideal coffee.

Organic coffee

For people who care about themselves and their health. Our 100% organically grown Arabica blend guarantees taste and wellness in the same cup.

Blend for semi-automatic coffee machine

Two blends specifically created for this type of coffee machine. 

*DESIDERIO: 80% Arabica – 20% Robusta.
*ARMONIA: 60% Arabica – 40% Robusta

Nespresso compatible capsules

Our best blends and single-origins finally in Nespresso compatible capsules. 

*ARMONIA: 60% Arabica – 40% Robusta.
*DESIDERIO: 70% Arabica – 40% Robusta.
*INCANTO: 100% Arabica.
*MAGIA: available with Peru, Colombia or Cuba.
*MAGIA DEK: our natural-method decaffeinated coffee.




1Kg Package



*KAFFA: 60% Arabica – 40% Robusta. Intense, full-bodied blend. Medium roast.
*ANTIGUA: 70% Arabica – 30% Robusta. Aromatic and balanced taste blend. Medium roast. 
*MINAS: 80% Arabica – 20% Robusta. Sweet and velvety blend created by the selection of fine coffees. Medium roast.


1 Kg Package


*ALLEMANDA: 100% Arabica blend of fine gourmet coffees for the most discerning palates. Sweet, smooth flavor with aromas of berries, caramel and hints of milk chocolate. GOLD MEDAL 2022 award released by IIAC (International Institute of Coffee Tasters).

*SARABANDA: Blend of high-quality, selected and hand-picked fine coffees, expertly roasted and blended to enhance their floral and citrus aromatic notes.

Blend 250 gr

Single origin Coffee

BIO Caffè (Greenberry)

Blend for semi-automatic machine

Nespresso compatible capsules

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