Since 1997 Family Company

The Beginning of our story

Brasiliana Coffee Roastery was founded in Imperia in 1959 and was acquired by Roberto Giuliani in 1997. Since then, through his innovative vision and commitment to quality, the company selects, roasts, and offers the finest coffees from around the world to its customers with passion, expertise, and professionalism.

Our Vision

To become a symbol of taste and professionalism worldwide.
To promote the concept of quality coffee through research, sustainability, and continuous innovation while respecting nature and humanity.
To make consumers aware of what TRUE quality means, helping them rediscover the value of ancient flavors, authenticity, and the interaction between humans and nature.
We believe that quality is the continuous pursuit, in people and things, of their highest expression, so that the beauty that surrounds us is the result of the desires and emotions that make our time precious.

Our Mission

We always create and seek the HIGHEST QUALITY in coffee.
Every quality coffee has its own personality and character, with distinct characteristics that define it.
We select the finest varieties from around the world, meet with producers and growers, and pay attention to product traceability and sustainability.
We roast them with care and professionalism, enhancing their best aromatic and sensory qualities.
We create a high-quality product, free of defects, with unparalleled taste and aroma, with special attention to the health and well-being of those who consume it.
We seek out ancient flavors so that what we create and offer is not just a simple cup of coffee but a true and exciting EXPERIENCE, unique in its own right.

Our Core Values

Ethics, respect for the environment and people, awareness, professionalism, continuous learning, quality focus, innovation, sustainability, and passion are the foundations of our work.
We work with enthusiasm for a common good: a return to simplicity and authenticity.

Roberto Giuliani

His passion for coffee has led him to be a great expert in the entire coffee supply chain. He is always looking for the highest quality coffees from all over the world, with particular attention to <specielty coffees and microlots.

Continuos training is an integral part of his life.Over the years he has attended numerous professional courses, including as a coffee taster, and expanded his professional training by earning the prestigious COFFEE DIPLOMA SYSTEM from SCA (Specialty Coffee Association), worldwide association of coffee professionals founded in the United States, whose goal is to promote and spread the culture of quality coffee around the world, and to train a new generation of professionals, highly qualified and passionate about their work

Mattia Giuliani
Customer management

He has obtained several SCA certifications, including Roasting, Barista, Green, Brewing, and Sensory, some of which were directly earned in Honduras, on a plantation. Additionally, he holds the IIAS Taster Diploma, specifically in “Espresso Italiano Tasting” and “Espresso Italiano Specialist.”

There are also certifications in Latte Art, including one with the world champion Um Paul and those in the Latte Art “Grading System.


Alessandro Lanteri "Lanterking"
Quality Check

Alessandro “Lanterking” Lanteri Roasting and quality control From the world of sommeliers to that of specialty coffee, he has made his passion his job. Having completed his Italian Coffee Trainer (AICAF) journey, he spent a period of time in Panama, on a plantation, to learn more about the origins of coffee. He also specialized in Latte Art; he was an international judge of the Latte Art Grading system and came third in the Irish Cup Master 2017. He was a coffee Ambassador and is a sommelier of the Aicaf espresso. He had various work experiences until arriving in Brazil, thus completing his knowledge of the entire quality coffee supply chain, collaborating today with passion in a team to achieve new objectives in the company.

Roasting is art…

Tradition and Innovation

Since 2018, Roberto Giuliani has been an SCA TRAINER and currently takes care of the company with his son Mattia, who with commitment and passion is following his father’s footsteps and, looking to the future, has been pushing innovation, working on new projects.

His passion for his work, his great knowledge of the coffee industry and his all-round expertise make Roberto Giuliani a highly qualified expert, of both the raw material and the entire production chain, from the early selection to the result in the cup.

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