Our body is the mirror of what we introduce into it. Have you ever wondered if what you eat or drink is healthy? How important is quality to you? Often, we don’t reflect on how fundamental the food and liquids we put into our body are for our wellbeing, both physical and mental. Nourishing ourselves with low-quality or even harmful foods has repercussions on our health over time. Following a healthy diet allows us to maintain our body in the best condition, fit and active for many years. People often think, ‘It’s just a coffee! What harm could it possibly do to me?’, without paying enough attention to quality, looking solely at the price, as if ‘one is as good as another’. Nothing could be more wrong! Coffee has various qualities and beneficial properties, both for our body and our mind. It can provide us with energy, clarity, strength, besides the pure and simple pleasure of enjoying this wonderful beverage. The important thing is that it is of QUALITY. But what does quality mean? For us at Brasiliana: ● It means selecting the product at the source: only coffee from the latest harvest. ● It means checking the product upon arrival at the roasting facility, to ensure its actual quality and freshness. ● It means testing the product with tastings called ‘Cupping’ (or the Brazilian way), to ensure that the newly arrived coffees are free of defects in the cup ● It means roasting the product meticulously, allowing each coffee to express its best once in the cup. ● It means conducting various tests with specific tools, to check that the roasting has been done to the best possible standard. ● It means packaging the coffee when it’s fresh and giving it a short expiry date, so that the end consumer can enjoy a product at the peak of its potential, at the moment it releases its best aromas.

Each of these steps requires professionalism, competence, and PASSION FOR ONE’S WORK, and allows us at Brasiliana to offer a quality product, always fresh, healthy, free of defects in the cup, and with AMAZING aroma and taste.

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